14 Businesses Doing a Great Job at Vitamin C In Liposomes

These microscopic  phosphorylation bubbles and put the  vitamin C in the glutathione inside of  it but to do it in such a way that the concentration of these microscopic  bubbles is massive through our  production and so they’re very small like.

From anywhere from  to   manometers and if you look over on the  right and compare that to others who’ve  tried to accomplish this technology they  just do not get the concentration of  these smaller bubbles smaller bubbles means higher absorption means more  benefit of the product getting into your  body getting into your cells for maximum effectiveness and efficacy and so this  is a major health player in regard to  the product I want to share a little bit  of my personal testimony since I’ve been 1 on.

This product I feel  years younger  than before started taking this product I’ve seen changes in my skin I’ve seen  changes in my gum health I’ve seen changes in my physical performance and stamina I’ve seen huge changes in my  mood and my ability to handle stress and  it is absolutely my favorite nutritional  product.

That I’ve ever taken in vitamin c in liposomes fact I  had to go right into the home office of  nature rich and walk in to the owners  and have them call the lab I  wanted to know how much of this product  I could take because that was seriously 1 nervous that I’d want to take too much  of it folks.

It’s that much of a  feel-good button this is a product that  you’re gonna want to enjoy for the rest  of your life now the pricing of the  product is for a customer it’s $ a  bottle plus shipping and then for  distributors you can get it down from.

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