The Real Reason Behind Senior Living Services

My resident my home just like Senior living services you could do your home or you can do a home that you rent or a home that you lease the whole net you own you can take a residence regular home and turn it into unassisted living facility so with that in mind let’s talk about business model four which is eight residential assisted living facility out eight bedrooms lemme let me let me change this let me make it correct I don’t wanna I want to confuse you you don’t have to have eight bedrooms four bedroom forgive me-four bedrooms where you can put eight residence.

Four bedrooms and the state Retirement community here in Florida would allow you to put two residents in one room that’s shared room and so you have four bedrooms with eight and residents let me show you the kind of money you can make in this industry now I remember everything when it comes to real estates all about location location location location so there are some facilities residential AS that are in a location that demands more premium just like anything and then there are some that based on their location can can’t get as much so they range.

Anywhere from this month all the way to $, a month these facilities all do the same work you know some different in different facilities but but the most part they take care of people’s daily needs but there’s range from $ a month token thousand a month has a lot to do with your location so what we’re going to do for purposes trainspotting gonna use my facility here in Southwest Florida as an example and Will go right in the middle at month okay let me explain to you what that means that means I can charge form services.

A month from each residence that comes into my home each residence that comes into my facility licensed legally by the state I can charge and it’s a very compatible rate to the community $, per month for my services you’re getting this are you already begin to see how are we talking about remember I’m talking about business model for where you can have resident sin one.